Techrepel WB 3 & SB

TECHREPEL is a single component silicone based clear water repellent available in water based (WB-3) and solvent based (SB) grades. TECHREPEL is recommended for a “Hydrophobisation” (water repellency) of facades. Damage to façade is always due to moisture, rain and surface water. Salt water damage occurs in porous building materials, only when moisture is present. The sources of saltation are deicing salts, rising dampness and reaction between the binder used in façade materials and paints. In addition to that, building materials have an inherent salt content. The moisture transports this salts to the surface of the substrate where it crystallizes out. Salts are not only deposited on the surface but it also causes hydration and crystallization pressure. This built up finally led to embrittlement and crumbling away of the surface. Acid rain i.e. sulphuric acid is a by product in the form of sulphur dioxide by burning of industrial fuels, bound to particle of dust and droplets of water, and is the primary cause for corrosion. Sulphuric acid reacts with the carbonates, the binder in mortars, lime washes, concrete, stones etc. The resultant formation is gypsum, which has a greater volume and generates bursting forces. Attack by moss and microorgani sms such as fungi and algae which are the consequences of protected wetting of façade surfaces. The
mentioned facade damages can be diminished by impregnation with water repellant agents. The main aim of this is to form “hydrophobic” or dry zone on the surface. The dry zones are not ideal for biotopes mosses, fungi, algae. The silicon molecules of TECHREPEL do not clog the pores and so the surface retains its permeability to water vapour and “breathes”. Therefore treated buildings do not suffer from conden sation damage. Buildings treated with TECHREPEL may absorb very little water and can release it again readily in dryer conditions.

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