Project: Mumbai International Airport Pvt. Ltd (MIAPL)
Site: Sahar, Andheri – East, Maharashtra
Problems Faced:

  1. Various types of Surface Cracks, Full depth cracks, Potholes in PQC (Concrete Pavement),
    which were difficult to repair by using conventional methods.
  2. Surface leveling at Nose-wheel Area of Bay.
  3. Continuous complaints from maintenance staff of all airways.

Previous Solutions tried by MIAL
A. MIAL was repairing Cracks, Potholes, Full depth cracks in PQC by using
conventional repair products like different types of epoxies, cementatious
products & finally bitumen. However these materials lead to:

1. Time consuming: It was necessary to shutdown the Taxiways, Aprons, &
Bays. This was causing several inconveniences which needs minimum 6 –10
hours depends on the products.

2. Frequent need of repair – Epoxy and bitumen materials do not last for
number years or even month and this was calling for frequent repairs, leading to
frequent shut downs.

3. Maintenance Cost: Additional maintenance cost in terms of monetary, man
days due to frequent repairs.
4. FOD’s: Maintenance staff of Airport always scared about foreign objects which
generate from erosion of Repair Material used or form the Pavements, which
might goes into aircraft’s Engines & create major problems.

B. Replacing Damaged / Cracked PQC by Normal Concrete:
Too time consuming & costly affair, as at airport time is money i.e. Just to replace
one bay with normal concrete it will take minimum 60–90 days which will cost Rs.
1 – 1.5 L per panel & revenue loss to Airport minimum Rs. 5 Lacks Per day per
bay. (Landing, Parking, Housing Charges, Etc.)

Choksey Chemical Proposed Solution:

Delpatch TM Elastromeric Concrete is the reliable solution provided
for the Repair & Rehabilitation of full depth cracks, potholes, nose-wheel areas.
Elastomeric Concrete is an excellent patching material. It provides an easy to
use solution in retrofitting airport runways with lighting. Most importantly
Elastomeric Concrete lasts for more than 10 years therefore it does not call for
frequent repairs or shut down.

  1. Delpatch A long-term solution. Elastomeric Concrete

has been used worldwide as taxiway repair material and has a proven
track record of lasting more than 10 years. All types of cracks, Potholes,
Edge Spalling in Pavement have been satisfactorily repaired by using
Elastomeric Concrete at MIAL.

  1. Delpatch A strong material. Elastomeric Concrete

though elastomeric does not melt or change surface level like bitumen.
MIAL faced major problem at Nose-Wheel base of surface level change
due to heavy tonnage of Taxi-Nose. (Weighing more than 150 tones).
Since Elastomeric Concrete has been applied, this particular problem is
solved permanently. Elastomeric Concrete gains extreme hi-compressive
strength after curing and therefore it does not change by level or volume
neither it has shrinkage problem.


Benefits of DELPATCH


Releases Traffic in 1 hour: This minimizes expensive downtime and
allows the traffic usually within one hour after final pour.

High Load Bearing Capacity – handles the weight of 777’s (Its designed
to take a load of A 380 Type Aircraft) and heavy truck traffic.

Outstanding Anti–Spalling Properties – Elastomeric Concrete is a longterm
solution for high performance pavement.

Excellent adhesion to Concrete and Steel – Laboratory tests of
Elastomeric Concrete gives excellent results in Tensile Strength &
Elongation at break with concrete & steel.
Impact resistance – Under bitterly cold conditions Elastomeric Concrete
withstands heavy impact, unlike epoxy based materials and concrete
which shatter when hit.

Compression Deflection – Elastomeric Concrete can handle heavy
pressure before deflecting and its memory allows it to return to its near
original state after deflection. (This means it can also take care of
Movement up to large extent.)

Chemical Resistance: Elastomeric Concrete resists commonly used
chemicals such as Ethylene, Glycol, Freon, Silicon Grease, Sodium
Chloride, Mineral oil, Etc.

Ease of Installation: Elastomeric Concrete is self-leveling and has a
rapid cure time.


                                               Advantages of Elastomeric Concrete over others



Epoxy based

Fast Setting

Delpatch – Elastomeric Concrete

Technical properties:

Resilience Properties




Impact resistance Ball Drop test

Very Poor


Very good Impact resistance
( Because of Flexibility in Nature)


Very Poor


It can deflect up to 30%, and will
regain its original shape after release of loads.

Abrasion resistance


Up to some extent

Very good abrasion resistance.

Chemical resistance

Yes up to some


Very Good chemical resistance

Fuel resistance


Up to some extent

Very Good all type of fuel resistance

Practical Properties:


Doesn’t required
curing by water

Curing by water is
must, otherwise it
develops cracks

Doesn’t required
curing by water

Time required to allow traffic

6 – 16 hours

12 - 24 hours

After one hour





UV resistance



Very good

Water impermeability



Very good

Economy of the product:

Life cycle cost

Will be high as
need to repair

Will be too high as
need to repair

Life cycle cost will be much cheaper
than any other material.

Composition of the products:

Resin System

Epoxy Polyamide

General Grade

Polyurethane base

Main Composition

Epoxy Resin &
Polyamide as a

Cementatious &
Acrylic Modifier

Polyol – Aliphatic Isocyanides System


Quartz Sand

River Grade Sand

Washed / Dried High Strength Quartz


Epoxy Resins

Acrylic Polymers
as a binders

Polymeric Fibers for reinforcement.


A repair jobs was successfully completed at many places in last few years and till
date its performing effectively.

remains the fastest quick concrete pavement repair
product and successfully tried at Gun Carriage Factory-Jabalpur, Hugly Metcoke
Power Plant, Haldia, BHEL – Bhopal, Airport – Mumbai, Jaipur, Delhi, Kolkata,
Many NHAI Road Projects, MMRDA Road Projects, MSRDC Road Project


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